Monday, January 1, 1996

USC (University of Southern California) Application for Admission

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_/ _/ _/ _/
_/ _/ _/_/_/_/_/ _/ TROJANS
_/ _/ _/ _/
_/_/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/_/


Application for Admission

Name: Last: First: Suffix:

Home address:

Palm Springs Address:

Height: Weight: Bust (if applicable):

Bench Press: Hair color (natural):

Which of the following body types is nearest to yours (circle one):
mesomorph ectomorph endomorph
(Please ask your doctor if you don't know what these words mean)

Personal bank interest (US and foreign) accrued this past fiscal year:

Are you a football player? If "Yes", please skip to the last line of
this application.

Number of hired servants in your household:
Number of slaves:

BMW type: Year: Model: Accessories:

List all of YOUR personal major credit cards:

Estimate your parents' yearly income (round off to the closest $50,000;
use exponents if necessary and if you know what they are):

Have you read a book this year? IF "Yes", why?

Have you ever held a job your parents didn't get you? If "Yes", why?

Name five of the United States (for instance, California, New York,
Illinois, Texas, Florida):

What is your favorite prime time sitcom?

Which gossip magazines do you read regularly?

Essays: (answer one question)

(1) Have you ever spoken with a Black person? Describe the experience.

(2) You are going to be stranded at a desert resort hotel for three
weeks. You will be allowed to bring along only five (5) of your family's
servants. Which servants will you bring? Why?

(3) You are trapped in the Beverley Hills I. Magnin for one (1) hour with
only ten thousand (10,000) dollars to spend. What will you buy? Why?

If you can, please send along a high school transcript (your grades) and
also the enclosed tennis pro recommendation. 8 x 10 gloosy portraits of
yourself may be substituted in lieu of (instead of) an official
transcript (your grades)

I swear that the information presented is reasonaly accurate:

Signature (that's a messy version of your printed name):

Approximate date:


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