Monday, October 30, 2000

Movie Review: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Sometimes I like to measure my enjoyment of a movie by the number of times I look at my watch during the flick. If I never look at my watch, well, that doesn't mean that the movie was necessarily wonderful, but it does mean that it kept my attention, good or bad. If I check my watch one or two times, I'm either bored, disinterested, or both.

Yesterday, I went and saw Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, which afforded me 90 minutes to look at and appreciate my watch. It's a stainless steel diver's watch, with stainless steel band and a locking clasp mechanism to keep it on my wrist. The clasp is a bit loose, and I've been meaning to get it fixed, but it holds up. It has a little box in the face that tells me the date, but only the day # (e.g. today, it says "30," for Oct. 30). On the first of each month that follows a month that has less than 31 days, I always have to manually change the date from 31 to 1, because my watch isn't really all that smart. It doesn't know whether it's August or February.

The face doesn't have any hour numbers, just little dashes that glow for a little while when it gets dark -- they have to absorb some light first, and the glow doesn't last that long. The hour, minute and second hands glow as well.

It also has that spinning thingie that diver's watches have. You know, you can turn the outside border, which has numbers on it (0, 10, 20... up to 50 and then back to 0). I guess this is to help divers in some way, but I'm not a diver, so it doesn't really matter. The faceplate has a thin but long scratch in it, which vertically stretches almost imperceptably from the 12 "dash" to the 6 "dash." I think it gives it character, and it's not too noticeable.

There's also a little text info between the center of the watch (where the hands all meet in the middle) and the 6 "dash." It's in tiny little font, that says ADV 4500 (model # maybe?), 100 meters (330ft) (I assume this is how deep I could go underwater, wearing my watch. I never get deeper than 8 feet, in a swimming pool.)

Recently, I had a bit of a scare when I misplaced my watch. Oddly enough, I thought I had lost it in a movie theater. I was seeing Meet the Parents (very funny, by the way), and my wrist was a bit uncomfortable, so I took off the watch and put it in my pants pocket. It wasn't there when I checked at home, but after a couple days, it turned up in my coat pocket. I really like my watch -- it was a gift for my 18th birthday. It's the kind of nice watch you pass down to your kids, and they pass it down to theirs. It's a really, really good watch.

The quality of my watch is inversely proportional to the quality of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. For those of you who forget what "inversely proportional" means from high school math, it means that as good as my watch is, that's how bad this movie is; as much as I love my watch, that's exactly how much I hate Blair Witch 2. By that logic, I arrive at the conclusion that my watch is perhaps one of the best watches ever made.


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