Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Movie Review: Eight Legged Freaks

I know most people either chuckle or roll their eyes whenever I mention Eight Legged Freaks to them, but I've been looking forward to this silly-ass movie for quite some time. Finally saw it today, and it induced a lot more chuckling and a lot less eye-rolling than you might imagine.

It's your standard throwback B-movie plot: Monsters terrorize a small town, and it's up to the townspeople to fight back. It's been done before, spectacularly, in both Gremlins and Tremors. While this one isn't quite up to par with those two "class A" B-movies, it's still a lot of fun. And there were quite a few big scares and big laughs.

The plot: An accidental toxic waste spill in a pond. An unwitting, eccentric "spider farmer" feeds all his pet spiders crickets from said pond. Giant, mutant spiders (and subsequent calamity) ensue. Of course, the spiders didn't count on the locals gettin' all "don't eat me" on them and fighting back. So you've got a rag-tag group of colorful townspeople, led by Chris (David Arquette), a local boy just returned home after being gone for over ten years, and Sam (Kari Wuhrer), local sheriff/single mom/love interest. You've got the sleazy, no-good mayor, the goofy deputy, the angry, conspiracy theory-spouting local radio show host, Sam's two feisty kids, and, my personal favorite, the geriatric barber, among others, all fighting back against all different sorts of scary, giant spiders.

The movie takes a little while to find its groove, but once it does, it is great fun! Non-stop monster movie mayhem! And who can resist a movie with a hair-sprayed, chain-smoking woman named "Aunt Gladys"? Not me.

I recommend it for a fun matinee, or a Friday night video rental down the road.


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