Sunday, July 7, 2002

Movie Review: Lilo & Stitch

Ugh. I really wanted to enjoy this. It looked like a fresh, funny, exciting movie, from the jokey previews featuring Stitch inserted into other Disney "classics" like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Just a warning: those were just jokey previews! Those other Disney characters have absolutely nothing to do with this movie.

Stitch is an alien. More specifically, a genetic creation of a mad scientist alien named Dr. Jumba. Despite his little, blue, big-eyed cuteness, Stitch was created to be an indestructible killing machine. The Alien Grand Council sentences both Stitch and his creator to prison. But Stitch escapes and hijacks a shuttle and warps to a random planet, which happens to be Earth. Here we meet Lilo, a cute but troubled Hawaiian girl who might be put into a foster home if her sister/guardian, Nani, fails to get her act together.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jumba and another alien, a one-eyed Earth expert named Pleakley, are sent to recapture Stitch. He avoids them by allowing himself to be the "adopted puppy" of Lilo, a dangerous plan since he is programmed for mayhem and destruction. Together, they form a strange friendship and bond, and learn from one another.

This movie wasn't very funny. It has some cute moments, but it plays like a heavy-handed afterschool special, cramming the message of "the importance of family" down the viewer's throat. The character designs are clever and cute, the backgrounds are beautiful and colorful, but the look of the movie does not help the loosely constructed plot.

Meh. Maybe the younger kids will like this one.


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