Sunday, July 7, 2002

Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Half romantic comedy, half fish out of water/culture shock comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding equals one very funny movie. Written by and starring Nia Vardalos, the movie tells the story of Toula (Vardalos), a plain, 30-year, Greek American woman who turns her life around by going back to school, changing her career and meeting the man of her dreams, Ian Miller (John Corbett), who, as you can tell by his name, is not Greek. Through planning her wedding, Toula learns to embrace her cultural heritage while at the same time molding it into something new, marrying the first non-Greek in her family.

Maybe that doesn't sound very funny, but this movie is filled with such hilariously colorful characters (and some funny non-colorful ones as well, like Ian's parents), and some amusingly awkward situations. It also avoids most of the pitfalls of romantic comedy haminess and cliche, by staying true to its tone and its characters.

It's hard to find in the theaters, so you might have to wait and rent it when it comes out on video.


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