Monday, October 8, 2007

Los Angeles Revival/Retro Movie Listings Calendar

Do you live in or near the Los Angeles area and like to see older movies usually at midnight? If so, you're a creep. But the good news is that I have some info and a handy calendar that might be helpful for you.

Here are several theaters that regularly show old flicks:

And here's that handy calendar I was talking about. I made it with Google Calendar. Important note: it only contains the movies I care about. So be sure to visit those websites to see all of their listings and, of course, always check with the theater before going!

I update the calendar regularly, so either subscribe to it via Google Calendar or bookmark this page.

Happy movie-going, creepo! And if you know of any other theaters I can add, drop a comment!


  1. Big Screen Movie Revival

    The Culver Plaza Theatres has a "Big Screen Movie Revival" Series underway, every Wednesday through 08/06 at 7:00 PM - $7.00:

    6/25/08 - Casablanca, 07/02/08 - Ghostbusters, 07/09 The Wizard of Oz, 07/15/08 - Singin in the Rain, 07/23/08 - Labyrinth, 07/30/08 - Scarface, 08/06/08 - Grease.

    9919 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, across from Sony Studios, (310)836-5516 http//

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  3. The Big Screen Movie Revival Series Continues At the Culver Plaza Theatres

    8/13/08 Gone with the Wind
    8/20/08 Hook
    8/27/08 Bladerunner
    9/03/08 A Clockwork Orange%
    9/10/08 Spaceballs
    9/17/08 Pink Floyd The Wall
    9/24/08 The Maltese Falcon
    10/1/08 Reservoir Dogs Mir

    9919 Washington Blvd, Culver City CA 90232
    (310) 836-5516
    Every Wednesdat at 7:00 PM All Seats $7.00