Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Official Anti-Benjamin Button Club

This site is relevant to my interests.

(Those interests being holding the opinion that The Curious Case of Benjamin Boring sucks mad dick.)

[Official Anti-Benjamin Button Club via Stop Ben Lyons!]


  1. I actually didn't mind this movie that much, and from what I remember about your movie tastes, you seemed to at least tolerate schmaltz, so I'm a little surprised to see that you hate it. My chief beef w/ it is its uncanny resemblance to Forest Gump. I guess that makes it a "bad" movie (certainly not worthy of so many Oscar noms, but i pretty much gave up on the oscars after crash won. ug), but not necessarily an unpleasant one. I'd say I had a better time watching BB than Zodiac. Any more specific reasons you hate BB?

  2. Not only do I tend to tolerate schmaltz, I'm an unabashed sucker for it. I think Forrest Gump is terrific (and wish BB was half the movie Gump was). E.T. still makes me man-weep. I love Titanic (a bootable offense nowadays). I guess BB just wasn't my flavor of schmaltz.

    Benjamin Button:

    1. BB has a main character that neither changes (other than physically) nor is the catalyst for change in other characters. (Say what you want about Forrest Gump, at least the main character was that).

    2. Main character is uninteresting. Other than aging backward, what is compelling about the character of Benjamin? Is he funny? Is he wise? Is he likable? Is he loathsome? Does he exhibit any passion (even for Daisy)? Not really. I'd rather watch a movie about the guy who was struck by lightning all those times.

    3. Cate Blanchett's dying old lady narration was incomprehensible. I was grateful they didn't keep it up throughout the movie.

    4. This movie as written could have been told aging forwards. The backwards aging has no bearing on anything at all until the last act. If you are going to make a movie about someone aging backwards, have it be about someone aging backwards. This film ignores its premise.

    5. It was boring and tedious, probably for all the reasons above.